Who we are

Win With A Story is about helping our clients bring more meaning and purpose to their work everyday. We do this through strategic storytelling.

Whether you need to rethink your brand strategy or create a presentation that will motivate and align your company, using storytelling in your communication will help that message stick and motive people to action.


Our Story

Let's turn back the clocks all the way back to 2009. Win With A Story founder, Warren Thompson, was working as a marketing specialist / graphic designer at Kintec Footlabs in Vancouver...

"We were struggling with a stale brand image at the time. Our team was delivering an excellent customer experience, but we weren't communicating the right message to our customers and we were missing a huge opportunity in the marketplace.

Our team at Kintec knew it was time for a rebrand. We worked through a discovery process and developed a brand strategy and identity that was more deeply connected to who we were. This revitalized our brand and allowed us to connect with an entirely new audience.

This was a turning point for me. I experienced the power that a new brand identity and story could have on a company. Our culture shifted and started attracting new talent, our marketing efforts were amplified, and our sales grew rapidly. The company has since doubled in size!

Win With A Story

I started Win With A Story to help marketers and business leaders have the same lasting success that our team had at Kintec. We've been able to work with a diverse set of businesses to create a brand strategies and stories that permeate beyond a single website or presentation, but touch all aspects of their brand including social media, content strategy, email, video, sales, corporate partnerships, and more.

Working With Win With A Story

Working with us

What makes us different from other consultancies is that we’ve been in your shoes and we understand what it takes to sustainably grow a brand year after year while staying relevant and differentiating yourself from your competitors.

We take an inside-out approach that starts by uncovering who you are and what story and strategies you can use to strike a nerve with people. This approach gives you more than just exposure. It gives you leverage by making all your future marketing tactics more effective.


Let's talk and help you tell your best story today.